Our Shirts

Made With The Greatest Care

All Artigiano shirts are made with the greatest care in our Swiss or Portuguese atelier. The shirts feature protective side seam gussets, wrapped buttons, handstitched sleeve inserts and pockets for collar stays.

English side seams and our very own way of fusing collars which ensure the upmost comfort in wearing.

2 Ply Cotton

While selecting fabrics for our shirts, we only choose double folded yarns. This ensures soft fabrics, while maintaining durability. A sign of quality.

Italian Fabrics

We're combining Swiss craftsmanship with fabrics from the most renowned Italian fabric suppliers such as Thomas Mason, Cotonificio Albini and Tessitura Monti. This is where know how meets to create beautiful, lasting shirts.

Highest Quality

The essence of Italian fabrics emerges through the finest raw material. Together with our long term partners we ensure only fine long staple Egyptian cotton, the softest, brilliant silk and most breathable French linen is chosen for our shirts. Chemical treatments are reduced to a minimum to allow a naturel, but yet comfortable touch.